• Филиал "Птицефабрика Оршанская"
OJSC "POULTRY ORSHANSKAYA" makes and delivers almost 40 years natural fresh eggs in shops. As a rule, each of them, gathered the day before, in the morning are on the table of the buyer.

Eggs are an integral part of people's food of any age since antique times. And furthermore, it is one of few products used all over the world. Now eggs are the widespread goods of international trade as the egg industry constitutes an -important part of the food industry in the world. It is difficult to find other product which would receive so wide application that is caused not only relative simplicity of production, but also their excellent properties. The amino acid balance of eggs ideally corresponds to requirements of man.

Consumption of one egg covers daily requirement of the adult for a protein on 10 %, riboflavin - 15 %, В12 - 8 %, A - 6 %, folic acid, B6 - 4 %, E-3 %, thiamine - 2 %, zinc and Fe - 4 %, selenium-10 %.

Level of some nutrients in egg can be increased by use of their more accessible forms, or by simple increase of their level in forage. However, real interest cause the substances, making positive influence on health of the person what usually does not suffice in diet. Among such substances which attract special attention of scientists are selenium, vitamin E, carotinoid, iodine, fat acids, and recently also folic acid.

In this respect enriched eggs are ideal food for substantial improvement of the food allowance of the person of its health.

Our enterprise does not remain aside from modern novelties and since 2009 is occupied with production of eggs enriched by selenium.

But nevertheless, contrary to the fashion, on every possible additive, our principle remains invariable: NATURAL AND FRESH!!!

Output is carried out according to the international system of quality management HACCP.