• Филиал "Птицефабрика Оршанская"
OJSC "Poultry Orshanskaya" is closely occupied with production reequipment. So 8 complete sets of the equipment were installed for the last 5 years. The equipment of firm "Specht" on 70 thousand pieces was installed in shop of breeding of repair young growth in 2004, in 2005 were installed 2 complete sets of the equipment of type "KP-25" each on 70 thousand pieces. The combined extract and input ventilation "Klimat-2000" is installed in one of poultry-houses. 5 complete sets of the equipment of firm "Big Dutchman" were installed in shop of layers

The main thing from achievements in 2009 is installation of French equipment "Actini": a line on profound processing of eggs which allows making qualitative egg products with a long retention cycle:
- Melange
- Liquid egg yolk
- Liquid white

Technology of production of liquid egg products on OJSC "Poultry Orshanskaya"

Egg feeding to breakdown machine. Egg breakdown.

Quality control of egg mass after breakdown.

Gather of egg mass in vessels of preliminary accumulation.

Filtration of egg mass and feeding to accumulation vessels.

Pasteurization and homogenization of egg mass.

Pouring of egg mass.

Packing and marking.

In 2010 will be made the reconstruction of 2 poultry-houses in shop of layers where the equipment of firm "Big Dutchman" system "Univent" will be installed.

All these technologies allow assuring high achievements first of all in quality of manufactured production that is the main thing for our enterprise!!!