• Филиал "Птицефабрика Оршанская"
History Factory
"Poultry Orshanskaya" is organized on the basis of the order from 15th of November 1967 Nr. 1402/10 of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production, it was built in 1967 - 1970. On the 22nd of April 1970 at factory were bred the first daily chickens, and the basic production - food egg -the enterprise has started to give in 1971.

Originally the enterprise had the closed cycle of production of eggs and meat, i.e. it had the parental herd, an incubator, poultry-houses for breeding of young growth of daily age 0 to 120 day age and poultry-houses for industrial herd.

Later, all 25 poultry-houses have been converted in the cellular keeping of layers, and all young growth at the age of 120 days were delivered from poultry factories occupying to young growth breeding. But in 1997-2000 the enterprise has faced with shortage of repair young growth because of its insufficient production in the Republic of Belarus. The poultry factory has been forced to convert at first two poultry-houses in floor breeding of own repair young growth, and after that to convert four poultry-houses in cellular breeding of own repair young growth, the high-efficiency equipment from Russia and Germany was installed there. The result of these arrangements has not kept itself waiting long - the farm is completed on 100% with own repair young growth.

In 2004 capacity of the poultry factory constituted 460 thousand chicken places for the keeping of layers and 270 thousand chicken places for breeding of repair young growth. It was gathered more than 74 million piece of eggs that exceeded estimated capacity in 1,8 times. For the first time at the enterprise was reached record high egg-production: 280 eggs is the share of one layer in a year.

In 2009 RUAPE "Poultry Orshanskaya" was reorganized in open joint-stock company.

Now capacity of the poultry factory constitutes 560 thousand chicken places for keeping of layers and 280 thousand chicken places for breeding of repair young growth. The gross gather of eggs from layers has constituted 120 million pieces for year 2009. But on it the enterprise does not stay, and in the present is realized replacement of the poultry-factoring equipment by modern highly productive equipment that will allow to increase capacity of factory to 600 thousand chicken places for and to reach higher industrial activities in the future, and consequently to receive higher profitability of manufactured production. At factory there ara 25 typical poultry-houses, shop of chicken slaughter, shop of processing of eggs, shop of sorting of eggs, shop of profound processing of meat, garage, tractor fleet, repair shops, warehouses, office building and other back offices.